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Just a quick comment on photos in a blog

Firstly I know that this post would be more popular if it had pictures in it. I post using my own photographs because it’s easier to use them and put them into a post as they are usually a direct feature. There may be better (ego prevents me from stating that of course there are better) pictures to put across a message available but I have no right to them. As bloggers we have all come across a picture that has grabbed us in a way we would like to express here but I am something of a black and white person in certain respects. Things get a wee bit grey on occasion and one such was where I say two photographs in a 1940 copy of a National Geographic magazine. They are of the Venus and Winged Victory being manhandled into underground storage in case the German army made it as far as shelling Paris (the April issue of that year). Finding them chimed so well with me looking forward to the upcoming film Monument Men so I decided to contact National Geographic and ask if it was ok to post them here – with proper credit of course. The reply to me was quick and to the point. $200 for each picture. So it’s going to be homegrown, ok, but in context photographs on an ongoing basis here. If you do come across an April 1940 copy of National Geographic it is worth a look though.



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