Finally I found the edit button. Slow, but progress none the less. Here we go – Michael, 45 years old, happily married with two teenage sons. I dabble to various extents in various areas but love books and the shelves they rest on. Forgetful. How forgetful? No idea. I do like working with timber, and being asthmatic, I do like to use natural finishes, but no expert, its a learning process. These finishes take more effort, but work as well as synthetics.Study of archaeology is full time now. Mostly here it will be about the shelves, but for the books side – old travel books, history, fantasy, old science fiction, some sciences, building, some “classic” (Classic being shamelessly defined as – old and I like it) fiction and odds and ends. A more recent addition is archaeology in its messiness and glory. Hope you enjoy this.


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  1. Wow! Cool. Thanks for the follow! I enjoy furniture refinishing and I think I will learn a thing or two from you . . .

    • Thank you for the comment Robin. I remember a book from Mrs Miller of Miller antiques fame. She stated that more 18th century antique english oak furniture was exported from England each year, than was ever made in the 18th century. There must be a fair amount of good furniture out there. For me, making the shelves allows me unfettered purchasing of any size of books. Vital as I stack them by subject.

  2. rynnasaryonnah

    Hello there, on momentmatters I wasn’t sure whose gravatar and blog you were referring to and I’m not very tech savvy but if you feel like it, do have a look at some of my stuff on rynnasaryonnah.wordpress.com =)

  3. caitin flower

    Hi there, beautiful blog. Really charming and shows a love of books and shelves. you might be the person to ask. How do you integrate shelves for much loved and neglected books in a small house. Lots of pine in the house. I am thinking of shelves that double up, say as seats. Any suggestions?

    • Thank you for the comment. Not sure about WordPress on Comments, I was jumping up and down on the approve button last night and this morning – finally! My next post is to be on where to put bookshelves in the house – from a practical point of view (where it comes to an impass, its books over looks). Pine is one of the finest materials to use for shelves – stately homes and libraries are packed with them! Yup, seats can work, will give it some thought. Much space overhead in rooms? Something suspended from the ceiling perhaps? Which leads me to those packs that hang in a wardrobe to store shoes – works for books too. Existing shelves could be looked at – if they are too deep, they could be replaced with narrower shelves that hold books but offer more room space. Can the attic be opened at a gable for about 4′? Run the shelves up the wall into the attic space leaving 3′ for a person on a ladder. The attic could be boxed off behind that space. Loads of ideas.

  4. There are many definitions of classical literature. The first is actually the most accurate: it is literature from the Classical Period (Greece and Rome and all that). But here accurate is too limiting; in 1850 if you said you were studying classical literature there would be no question … you were reading in Latin and Greek. But today few people read in the classical languages or actually read the classical literature anymore (even The Iliad and the Odyssey are overlooked).

    So what is the best modern definition of classical literature? Since a classic must triumph over time, I think the best measurement is that the text in question is in the public domain yet still available from most bookstores or online. Others want a date that isn’t just this side of Middle Earth so they select a break in tradition, both literary and societal: the end of WWII is a common milestone.

    The important thing to remember is that newer works, which we call contemporary literature, are not better or worse than classical works. They just haven’t been around long enough to qualify as classical.

    And one final note: there is no such thing as an instant classic.

    • I regret not getting back to your comment sooner. I have to say, I agree with what you have expressed so well here. The last line wasn’t something that was an issue till advertising took a hold on societies. Given that we are only a very few generations into (global, universal, mass?) quite a large portion of populations reading, I think the book is evolving quite well. Definitions will of course change, but hopefully in a way that works for the betterment of humanity, rather than just business.

  5. The Midnight Dragon told me to say hello to you from Errol.

  6. Hello there,

    I’m Justin of MomentMatters.com. I’m excited to inform you that Moment Matters is re-launching with new features and design!

    Along with it, I’m compiling a free e-book about the Greatest Articles and I’m featuring excellent comments. Your thought in “And so You Believe” is a standout! I’m asking permission if I could include your words in the book?

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    • I thank you for the comment and for the belief that my words are of some value to someone. As long as the words are held in the context that they were placed, no bother.

      • Moment Matters

        The free e-book “Greatest Articles | Moment Matters”, featuring your comment, is out now! You may download it in Nook, Kobo, ePUB or PDF format here.


  7. I’d just wanted to thank you for liking my “Book-Categorizer’s Lament” … sometimes you just run across a weird text is all.

    • I do like the Dewey Decimal System but it is a tough job sometimes to get agreed understanding for a category and some books need a more inter relational system than just one pigeonhole. It was nice to come across and read the thoughts of someone who has faced the same issue.

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