Though I did read for pleasure (Dangerous Women – a group of short stories and a reread of some of Butchers “Dresden” books) and for my exams (starting tomorrow) Christmas was about fitness as well as enjoyment and study. It was wonderfully thoughtful of our Neolithic predecessors to build their megalithic monuments a good walk away from our carparks.
The pictures are from Knocknarea mountain. When I say mountain – the carpark is half way up it. The cloud was low so the views from three quarters up it were replaced by grey ghosts of monuments. It made it interesting that the easiest thing to find at the top was the edge.
The path up to the monuments from the carpark had turned into a small stream as you can see from one of the photos. Another shows Chert which is a dark to black stone that could be broken to give a working edge – its not as smooth as flint (more of a granular texture) but it is the best available to work into tools in the locality.
A more fit body gives a sharper mind, which means more reading before falling asleep.














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2 responses to “Christmas

  1. I think on a clearer day you’d almost see my house in the view in that first photo! I’ve only lived here a short while & can’t wait to get up Knocknarea, Ben Bulben & the other little mountains around here. (I love the fourth image, by the way. It could almost be a painting.) Thanks for your interest in my blog 🙂

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