Memory in print

Memory or the lack of it gives us the requirement for books. I have what might be called a relatively poor memory. When it comes to reading fiction books it really gives me value for money. I have a feeling for the tone of a book – I can almost always feel what a book is like by looking at the spine, without remembering any of its particulars. A handy combination and a good reason for keeping books (on timberbookshelves). I need a specific filing/sorting system when it comes to factual books. No good having an idea that the book I am looking at might help me with a question on travel, geography, history, archaeology, astronomy, cooking, carpentry, etc. This would leave me with the situation of needing to read the book again to find out if I need to, well…….read the book to help me with my question. Does that make sense to you? So I am partway towards sorting this out. Not a huge issue till there are deadlines for completed work, but now that I have deadlines and a mounting compilation of books on various helpful core and periphery subjects. Pretty soon I will need something more comprehensive. Anyone have a Dewey Decimal System cabinet I could use? I do love using them and no offence to OCLC but computerised referencing is just not the same.

Should have mentioned it sooner so I might have got one for Christmas.

It occurs to me that given my prize memory I should read back over my old posts to see how I am doing. Does anyone else do that? Or perhaps even read over their posts before publishing? As I have seen elsewhere, spellcheck is my worst enema.


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