Seville, aside from books, just this once.

There is more to life than books and their shelves (you know – other stuff) so here are a few pictures from Seville in general.



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13 responses to “Seville, aside from books, just this once.

  1. I love Sevilla! These are great pictures! I’ll go dream now, haha!

  2. How long were you there? Love the hat photos.

    • Just three days there, one in Cordoba and a few on the coast in between and around those days. It was a great city to visit. Quite a few young people from the US. Looked like they knew their way around. Perhaps a study program. Thanks for the likes and the comments, much appreciated.

      • I’d love to go some day.

      • Worth a visit surely, but my heart is in Siena. Spain in general is worth time travelling through. I, on the other hand have never been to the US. Where would you advise on going to?

      • California! As my mom would say, “God’ country.” You have San Francisco, Yosemite, the wine country, Lake Tahoe, and beautiful beaches.

        My heart is in Siena too.

      • I had a good look at this Miss Robin. Surfing also seems to feature which is great. Similar to an American visiting Europe, there is an urge to see as much as possible, due to the time and money expended in the venture. Alaska looks good too, perhaps with a dip into Canada on the way. Hollywood and the giant redwoods, possibly an endless list. How are the bookshops?

      • Alaska is wonderful. And, enormous! I’ve only been to Toronto and Vancouver but would love to go back. Oh yes! The giant redwoods are a must see. Our bookshops? So so. We are mostly left with Barnes and Noble.

  3. cjr

    One of my favorite cities! It truly is impossible to take a bad photo there.

  4. rynnasaryonnah

    Beautiful photos!

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