Where to start? Seville, I think.

It is a wonderful place with almost a surplus of regal and grand buildings. There was the almost required cathedral with a Moorish past, as well as the royal place, again with the required Moorish past. These are found to greater and lesser extents in Granada, Cordoba, and Malaga. The difference is that Seville was There at the start of the discovery of the Americas – all fleets were organised, departed and returned there till the great river Guadailquivir silted up and the fleets moved to Cadiz. The cathedral is still the largest in Europe. We are used to vast buildings now – stadiums and airports, but here in the distant past, an army and their horses could go to mass.

The wonders housed there are vast and many. Some are on display there and some are not. I am quite sure there are an amazing array of posts by others on the general wonders, but here are a few gems that were of particular interest to me.

Calle Sierpes. It has long been Sevilles shopping street. Jewelers, a few private members clubs, clothes shops, shoe and bag shops galore. A book shop or two and a stationers. The stationers was a dream of a shop. It is from the mid 1800s. I do not mean that it was founded then (it was), I mean that it does not seem to have much truc with the 20th century. Perhaps a nod towords the pen and the more recent paperblanks, but if you want an industrial grade quill, or your coat of arms put into a seal – these are your people. I made a purchase and asked if I could take a few photos. The lady didn’t speak english but gestured that I could as long as anyone (other possible customers) didn’t see me doing it.

A wee bit more to come on the treasures of the Catherdral (I had never seen a gold quill before), a bookshop, the cathedral bibliotecha  and the General Archives of the Indes later.


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