More from Seville

Inside the Cathedral is, among other things, the biblioteca. Christopher Colombus had children. Not his most famous achievement. His tomb is in the cathedral, couldn’t find Amerigo Vespucci though. Anyway, his son made a better fist of his life. He travelled to the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Far East. He brought back some 20,000 books and donated them to the church. This was all done in the first 100 years of printing so most would have been produced by hand. When I asked could I visit I was told in a very nice way that the only people who could visit the books would have “large science”. The above pictures were through some open windows. No climbing was involved. And now – to bed. I am shattered from the diet changes, driving and surviving the heat, the desire not to miss anything and the excitment of seeing all that I did. And the beer. Hopefully more tomorrow. Blogging that is.



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