The humour to blog.

Blogging takes some reading, of our own, as well as others. I saw a freshly pressed yesterday on the bloggers personal rules. It takes rules to blog in a good way, firstly for the blogger, secondly for all other readers. In light of my previous posts and other peoples I have encountered –

Personally –

It needs to be treated in a good way, some thought put into the form of the post without any “presentation” veneer or gloss over it. I need this so that when I read it again, I do not have to ask who I was writing it for.

Do not use the blog to “vent” as it does not reflect over time how I felt – just the release of the steam above the emotion. I think Poplar is a perfectly good timber and it has a wide range of uses. I disliked the use of its class as Hardwood as a label to convey something it was not – for profit. Venting is rarely expressed well.

Enjoy people reading my posts and stick to the subject at hand. I thought it was work starting, and I think its worth going on with.

Leave the timing organic. Deadlines are for business and my blog is not business.

Try to ensure I will be as happy reading this in 6 months time as I am typing it.

Finish with making up how this is to be done and get on with it.



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3 responses to “The humour to blog.

  1. I enjoyed your post. I hope to visit again.

  2. “Deadlines are for business and my blog is not business,” VERY well put! I hear ya, we shouldn’t feel like we HAVE to work on our blogs…that takes all of the fun out of it. Good post 🙂

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