I have to get them sorted.

Getting the angles to correctly match is for me the tricky bit. The sharpest tools I have are needed for a decent finish and I have to resist the temptation to force the last bits due to impatience. I like the idea of working with hand tools, but as I get older, I look more kindly on the dovetail machine cutter. May get one before I feel I have to get one.

This joint is liked by all who use it for strength and most who see it. I think it shows a delicate and refined touch to working with wood. It works well keeping two angle joints together where the force is from 90 degrees to a side. For any who may read this (including me in 6 months time) it means this. The force (pull or push) on the joint is head on from one side. The drawer is pulled directly out, the weight of the books pusk directly down. A dovetail joint does not work well when it is pushed or pulled by a force working at the corner. If you were to break the sides of a drawer with a hammer, you could hit it on one face or another till the timber itself broke, but tilt the drawer and hit it with the hammer down onto a corner (mind your fingers) and the joint will part. I think it is a good joint for the outside corners of a bookcase. Must get good at it.

I know I have posted links and this invites spam, but the links help.

Wait, wait, before you or I go, heres a picture of what I mean. A member of posted it as his work. Very nice it is too. The type of dovetail is a half blind as it does not show through the wood at the front of the drawer.




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  1. Your name’s not Debra, right?

  2. I am smiling and not showing this to my wife. Punctuation…tricky. Now I read something like this somewhere, can’t remember where. Any ideas?

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