My favourite library

I do not profess to be any good at it but I do like to work with timber. A wonderful and beautiful resource. Humanity can express their creativity with it in so many forms. Of course the peak of expression could be a wonderful set of shelves that are complete with books. No, make it a room of beautiful shelves complete with books. A large library perhaps. But for now, back to the root of it all.

A hardwood suppliers range of timber

A hardwood suppliers range of timber

Suppliers from time to time will distribute a range of samples, in order to help their customer, or their customers customer to pick what they like the look of. Years ago, a qualified carpenter would have to make informed choices without recourse to the internet, suppliers or books. He or she was meant to know what they were talking about. They would then put in an order and it was up to the local supplier to find what they needed. This could take quite some time, but people were used to a slower pace.

The carpenter had his own library – my favourite.

Some of the timbers are not now available. Number 27 weighs a tonne. Greenheart was so hardwearing it was used for underwater work. If you can read the list, you will see that some of the countries are also no longer available. Its my best library. I didn’t earn it, but perhaps someday I will.



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4 responses to “My favourite library

  1. We are on the same wave-length today. I posted about a different kind of library!

  2. You might quite like this website (don’t worry it’s nothing tawdry!)

    • I have known of it for some time, but havn’t visited it for a while. I will give it a visit this evening. Someday I hope for their cameraman to knock on my door. Your post today was a good laugh at a time when it was needed – thank you for both that and the link.

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