Starting afresh

Life seems to roll over me now and again and my carefully stacked balance in life wobbles. Sometimes in a good way, sometimes not. I wanted to get back to this sooner, yet feel compelled to post before I have fully prepared. This is in part due to the attraction of blogging. One of those things that works. I have never had a diary in the sense of recorded thoughts or even events outside business and Family Musts. I have come online and posted as I felt the need to. The result has been interesting (to me). When I look back I do see the wandering thread, but perhaps thats just me. I saw somewhere that to write a blog, you should read blogs, and I have to say, I found some I do enjoy for various reasons. If I am to continue I should give thought to those (apart from myself) who read and reread this “thread” of thought. So, between Family, Fathers day, friends, work, Irelands last match, prep for the new course, gardening, perhaps shooting, the gym, walking, reading and even working with timber, I will attempt to put together a few posts that can be read by someone who can get an insight, as well as the one person who already has one.

Focused text, shorter sentences and paragraphs, photographs, wait, wait, good photographs, try to keep it upbeat (not hard given my chosen subject) and an orderly flow that is easy for the reader. The photographs, the photographs. I wanted to avoid bookporn photos and maintain what I thouht was as personal and “honest” approach, but If I feel the need to put across a graphic point and do not have the ability to take the shot, I will use anothers and give due credit. Yep, sentences shorter than that should be good. Why do I feel the need to blog on this? Because I love them. I continue to buy books so I will be in need of more shelves soon. You?


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