That last post was a lead baloon

It was too straightforward, too……. you know. Was I in a hurry? Was I not in good form? Both it seems, sorry about that. The books are good by the way. Here are a few links to perhaps have a look at to get a better feel of the subject I love.

Timber information American Lumber Export Council. Good site for any info you might require, including how scarce a type might be. You need to log in as an associate member – its free and you get use of the online library. The timber grain and types carry photos if you wish to indentify a timber. They list the ease at which you can work with a timber and how strong it is as well.

Timber Supply wholesale global timber supply. ( also linked as ) a more local wholesale timber supply.

Woodworking methods and plans. a good site for tips and methods as well as plans you could use. You get a 14 day free trial.

The results we all desire!

I do hope you like these links and get some use from them. I have used them myself, the last two with awe and on occasion, some small amount of envy. I worked with and still help out the guy who owns the site. Nice fella. I still use Trada and finewoodworking. The trada library of timber is a very good resource and although my 14 days were up some years ago, I still get mails now and again from finewoodworking with tips and offers – some of which still help me. I have spoken of this blog to friends and some have said there is no practical use for dedicated shelves. Where else do they go? Most readers have (as have I) experienced looking in the boxes, the window ledges, under the bed, in the attic, the bathroom, the car door, large pockets, parents houses, under the stairs, the spare room, on dressers and sideboards. And where is the book you need? It’s somewhere else. Shelves help. I think they can look well too. I think the next post will be on planning our shelves. I have successfully studied kitchen design for working in as well as appearance and I feel it applies to shelves – its feeding an appetite (I checked the spelling of that, but it still doesn’t look right – do you ever get that feeling?) in the best possible way. So, yes, the next post will be on the space for shelves in a room. I have included some of my pictures as – well, people like nice pictures. The last one was a three legged cat chacing a mouse. The comedy was complete when the mouse got away. Just got the camera out as the cat stopped and looked in a very vexed way into the field.



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2 responses to “That last post was a lead baloon

  1. Audrey

    Thank you for the blog, We hawe so many books to find a home for . Now i have some ideas.

  2. It has to be noted that this post has attracted a host of spam. Buckets of the stuff arrive every day. If you are to post a comment, please comment as you please on another post, as I can not cope with trawling through the stuff. Sorry for any bother.

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