Bits and Bobs came together

Bits and Bobs came together

Piebald shelves

The top two shelves are Beech with the bottom one Iroko. The side suppoets are laminated oak. These were found in timber yards over time. The oak was meant to be a nine piece 4″ by 4″ length that could be shaped into handrail. The beech had a waney point (part of the bark/curve of the tree showing and the wide Iroko was from a broken board. The planks were planed and cut square. The oak was screwerd into the Iroko and the beech were joined into the oak. The join is a simple chisel groove the same width as the beech shelves. You can see that the beech shelf had to be shaved at the back in order for it to fit – not a fantastic piece of work, but it works well. The oak had a hole drilled into it the width of a screw head. It was drilled about 1/4″ deep. The screw was then screwed into the hole and on through to bite into the beech shelf in the groove on the other side. The depth of the hole consealed the screw head. The screw going into the beech widened it just a wee bit so it tightened into the groove, giving it a firmer hold. The finish is boiled linseed oil and beeswax. The main work was in the planning. What pieces to use and the structure so all the weight would be downward with no stress elsewhere on the frame. It is on 4 iroko feet and sits by my desk. The large piece of Iroko at the bottom (looks like part of the chestnut floor in the picture) was ideal for the chunky printer I have. It works well for easy reach of whatever interests need to be taken from the shelves and kept handy for study. Holiday, history, gardening, timber and carpentry, etc. Have a look around next time you are out and see if pieces can be picked up that may add up to something that works.

The books in the picture are mainly old travel books, including the one I mentioned in a previous post that we brought to Siena. There are books there on the imperial days of trave in the Khyber pass, cycling (1903) and old AA books. My favourite is Guys atlas from 1838. It was a school book. The maps still needed massive amounts of expolring and the forward said it was even suitable for Girls to read. Each country has the racial traits of the peoples there described. We have come a long way.

For combinations of timber that look well, have a look at the products on this site – with a professional hand to finish them, they do look a treat.


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April 30, 2012 · 12:10 pm

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