Are shelves redundant?


Well, that blog was easy.

To expand a wee bit – I have worked with IT for some 24 years. The machines I started on didn’t have a hard drive. Imagine. All those years ago. We had dot matrix printers and serial cables (made by Kellogs). Then we had parallel cables, hard drives and low radiation monitors (not kidding – health and safety stated that a pregnant woman could not sit infront of one for more than an hour). Then the internet with dialup and bigger harddrives and RAM, then USB1 cables, CAT5 cables with RJ45 connectors, laptops and inkjet and laser printers, then memory sticks and better USB cables and better laptops, then wireless and broadband, then tablets and readers.

The book I bought in 1983 still works. One thing that has stayed with IT right from the start is – backup. Most everything else has changed. How long till upgrades need to be purchased for a reader, or when a charger needs to be replaced – will one be available? I am not against progress but I do believe that it should be chosen by people for their own good rather than followed for others. I would love a reader that would copy books I had bought so I could just bring the reader on a low load trip. That is something I would not mind investing in, knowing it would be outlasted by both myself and my books. I suggest the books should be held on to for another while. What do you think?


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