Kept my word (apart from the waxing yet)

Sanded and gave the first two coats of oil to the bannister of the stairs. I used 200 grit and 000 steel wool for the sanding and linseed oil. That last sentence really made me look like I knew what I was doing – honestly it was what was in the shed.

Some people can make a text seem honest regardless of what is in or ommitted from the content. I could man it up and say – I used a hatchet and an angry leopard to sand the bannister, but it wouldnt be right. My current frame of mind is due to what I am currently reading – a small direct quote “In all the works of D.H. Lawrence, for example, the girl never once said to the man, ‘hold on a minute, my arms gone to sleep'”. Suspension of belief smacks more of a con (however nice and enjoyable) than anything else. Not for blogs. Onwards.

The reason I mention the bannister in this blog is its coating. The coating is to stop the hand from wearing the bannister down and vice versa. It makes it easy to clean and helps prevent any infestation of the timber. If done well it can also enhance and bring out the natural beauty of the timber.  Take the long view and dont wear your books down. I read in one of many books on bookshelves that some people had used automotive paint for a hard smooth finish. Super, but I have to stick to the naturals. Found some Tung oil with no added VOCs, (which is spot on) a while ago in an archery shop, but wax seems the best once its firmly and fully polished. Works very well in a cool, dry location. I need and enjoy the exercise too.

I have also procured a small bag of the dried flaked secretions from the lac bug. Now all I need is some methylated spirits. Never made shellac before.


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