Just an aside – the tidiness of shelves

I had a look at the photos once they were posted. Several feelings on this – perhaps should have faked it with a few from some Hapsburg library, I do look messy and worst of all (this one went straight to the heart) I should be reading more.

As for the first – just humour. Proud of what I have done and intend to do. Thought about it and it can truthfully be said that although I do admire the pictures of other peoples shelves, thankfully no shelf envy here.

The second is somewhat deeper. I hadn’t thought of the makeup of the appearance before as the books are mine to look after and none are compressed badly, twisted or exposed to too much light (North facing windows). But perhaps the head could take a better role here with no harm to the heart. I imagine when someone uses shelves without too much thought the imprint of the person is there to see. What do you think? From here, planning will have to include more than “I need more shelves”.

The third is hard. There is perhaps a wee bit of extra time to be spent in better ways. So after time with the family, todays spare time will be oiling and then waxing the stairs. Been putting it off. No smutty comments please. Then read. Then blog.


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