I do love books but….

it has come to the point where I spend more time making shelves than thinking about finding more books. I have never donated or given away (lending is avoided as its similar to “giving away”) a book so the storage issue is a large one. Funny how life changes – years ago I would have looked at gaps on another persons shelves with something akin to pity or sadness, yet now those gaps look like good planning. Curtailing the impulse to get more books is something that is not to be taken lightly, so I have build shelves. And more shelves. It has turned into a delight in itself.

I went about it in an organised fashion and by the time I needed to build shelves, I needed to pay more attention to building construction studies than carpentry. As I have typed elsewhere – imagine parking your car in the middle of your kitchen, filling it with people and serving dinner there. Would your floor take the weight? Books are the heaviest thing to find their way into the average house. I intend to type here about my learning and love of books and the place where they spend most of their time.



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3 responses to “I do love books but….

  1. rynnasaryonnah

    You know, as a child my mother wouldn’t let me go to the library to borrow books and she wouldn’t buy me my own either. And now as an adult there are so many books which I hear about or want to read but I’m always afraid it’s beyond my comprehension abilities. And if I have the sudden itch to buy a random book I almost always end up putting it back fearing I’ll get bored midway. By the way, we haven’t got book shelves at home and so my books are stored in the kitchen cabinet!

    • My sister once spent some time on a wine appreciation course. The end result was – the best wine is the wine you like. Read to find what you like and enjoy, its what its all about. I go in cycles – sometimes buying only safe, familiar type books – sometimes something (a style or subject) totally different. Don’t fear an impulse. Its the writers job to inform and entertain. just keep taking chances till you find the right ones. I think thats the same for all readers. The shelves will come.

      • rynnasaryonnah

        “The best wine is the wine you like.” I like that! I guess you’re right, I should just take a chance. Thanks.

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